How To Wash Your Car - Keep Your Everyday Car Looking New!

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  • Uploaded 8 months ago in the category Looking after your car

    Do you have an everyday car? You know the one that you take to work, when you're going out or is your car mums taxi?

    In our workshops the main panic girls have is when we go peeking inside their cars! They are often a mess.

    From shoes, to leftover food, uni notes, projects, school assignments and gym gear.
    I know that the minute I let my car get a little messy I get even more careless and tend to make an even bigger mess.

    So Melinda and I have put together a quick video on 4 tips to keeping your everyday looking like new -- so that with a little love you can keep your car looking good.

    It's not hard to get the car looking so messy that it seems like too daunting a task, but remember that a dirty and messy car is like a shining beacon to a thief, so the cleaner the car the less chances of get car jacked too! Check out our video on minimising carjacking.

    And whilst it's nice and clean we also have a tip on how to keep it smelling delicious and yes if you have watched our video on how to keep spiders out of the car you will know which essential oil to use!

    And our favourite car care products are from Bowden's Own.

    An Australian company that makes the best car care products second to none.

    Their advertising is a little cheeky too!
    Find out more about their products at their website or watch a my review of their tyre cleaning product here

    How messy does your car get? What do you fill it up with? Shoes? Food? Kids gear? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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    See you in a workshop!

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