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    The roads can be dangerous! And, of course, we all want each other to get home safely.

    Here are CARFAX's Top 5 Safe Driving Tips!


    Cars old and new have many engineering features and technologies to make automobile travel safer but the choices we make getting behind the wheel are critical in getting you, your family and friends safely to a destination long or short.

    Tip number one: Don’t drink and drive

    It’s so obvious, but people still do it.

    That’s why more than more than 30 percent of all car deaths involve drivers impaired by alcohol.

    Don’t do it!

    Tip number two: Don’t medicate and drive

    It’s not just alcohol that impairs your driving skills; prescription drugs, or even too much over the counter cold or allergy meds can affect your motor skills.
    If you are not sure – again, don’t do it!

    Tip number three: Speed kills

    Speed is the contributing factor is in about 30 percent of all fatal crashes.

    It’s not worth it.

    Take your need for speed to the track!

    Tip number four: Avoid distractions

    You know what’s distracting.

    Cell phone use, texting, applying make-up, loud music or anything else that takes your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

    Just wait until you turn off the motor before doing any of that stuff.

    It takes your full time attention to drive safely.

    Tip number five: Don’t drive drowsy

    Here’s the wakeup call: 20 percent of all accidents happen because of sleepy drivers.

    Hello, that’s why we have beds.

    Use them.

    Get proper rest before you get behind the wheel.

    These are our top five that will keep you alive.

    Safe travels everyone!

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