Cornering | Learning to drive: Expert skills

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  • Uploaded 9 months ago in the category Learning to drive

    There is more to cornering than simply turning the steering wheel.

    A driver will have to look ahead and decide how sharp the next corner is, slow the car to an appropriate speed, select the correct gear, and then drive the car around the actual corner.

    If a driver makes a mistake during this process they could enter the bend too fast and lose control of their car, so this video will show how to approach and drive around corners safely.

    We’ll take a look at each part of the process separately, before putting all the skills together again to drive the last set of bends as smoothly as possible.

    This video covers;
    • How to spot bends
    • Reading the road ahead
    • Gear selection
    • Steering around the corner
    • Multiple bends
    • Keeping it smooth

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