How to use clutch control in traffic - learning to drive a manual/stick shift

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    Clutch control in traffic - learning to drive a manual car

    In this clutch control driving lesson we're going to have a look at how to use clutch control in traffic at slow speeds.

    It's one of the hardest parts of learning to drive a manual/stick shift car.

    But with a bit of practice, clutch control will not be a problem.

    Hopefully this clutch control tutorial will help you be a pro with the clutch.

    In this how to use clutch control in traffic in a manual car video we'll have a look at how creep slowly which is especially useful if you're learning to drive a manual/stick shift car.

    We'll have a look at how to creep smoothly using a combination of gas, clutch control, footbrake and handbrake.

    We'll also be looking at how to deal with road works.

    Raise the clutch to the biting point to make the car creep, lower the clutch down slightly and the car will slow down.

    Using the gas will not necessarily make you go faster but it will help the car not to stall.

    Petrol cars are easier to stall so you might need to give a little more gas.

    The full clutch control tutorial video can be found here

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