Car Crash On Your Driving Lesson!! - Learning to Drive 2016

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    A woman crashed into the back of the car at a roundabout whilst my pupil Tom was on his driving lesson...

    As Tom was approaching the roundabout completing his MSPSL routine , he had went from 3rd gear to 4th gear by accident rather than 3rd gear to 2nd gear, so this meant Tom was still fiddling with his gears by the time he reached the round about therefore wasn't prepared or in control of the car and therefor didn't get chance to have the appropriate time to look for a gap when we arrived at the roundabout, so rather than him enter the roundabout in the wrong gear (that could have caused us to stall in the middle of the roundabout) , we simply intended to stop and select 1st gear and go on the next available gap so he was more prepared and most importantly, back in control of the vehicle.

    Unfortunately the woman behind didn't know any of this that was happening inside our car and just assumed that Tom was going to carry on at the roundabout and so crashed directly into the back of the car! Poor Tom.

    Many back-end collisions happen this way and unfortunately it doesn't matter how much of a good driver 'you' are, you can never predict or prevent someone else's bad driving, so it is vital that you do not assume what another driver is going to do and also keep a safe distance between yourself and the car Infront- exactly what this lady did 'not' do!
    Can I also add that my learner car is covered in Learner stickers & signs on the back and sides, and also has a large Learner sign on the top of the car, this is more of a reason for you to keep a safe distance and be a little more considerate that there is a person Learning to drive inside the car.

    Tom had previously had about 20 lessons at this point so he was well aware of how to approach roundabouts, it was just a silly gear misplacement that had ultimately lead to us to needing to stop and reselect a gear so he could gain back control of the car.

    Thankfully this did not put Tom off driving and we can both look back and laugh about the incident now ☺️

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