Learning to Drive & Determine Right-of-Way or Give Way to Other Road Users | Pass A Road Test Smart

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  • Uploaded 9 months ago in the category Learning to drive

    The right-of-way is always given, it is never taken.

    Watch the video for right-of-way rules to pass your road test.

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    Introduction 0:03
    prologue 3:53
    dead end streets 5:12
    do not enter 6:00
    private roadway & alley 6:52
    uncontrolled intersection & construction 7:42
    flaggers & control persons 8:47
    roundabouts 10:37
    'T' intersections 12:24
    STOP with opposing alley 13:46
    opposing STOP signs 15:32
    4-way STOPS 17:44
    YIELD signs 19:25
    conclusion 20:51
    question: what is the most complicated residential intersection you've encountered? 23:45
    blooper 24:55

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